Starved Rock Hot Glass Glassblowing Studio + Gallery

Have the ashes of your loved ones fused inside a piece of glass for a one-of-a-kind memorial keepsake!

Ashes typically look like a white or gray powder that gets sprinkled and swirled in with the colors. Any of the paperweights and the round swirl pendants best 'show off' the ashes, but other items can have ashes fused inside. They just may not be as visible. 

  • Ship your ashes to me, your custom piece is made, and I will ship the item and left over ashes back to you!

  • A very small portion of ashes are required, a table spoon is plenty for multiple items

  • Each piece is a custom shape, size, and color

  • Wait time varies between 10-14 business days upon receiving the ashes.

  • Please be aware that every set of ashes will react differently with the glass, which means that every piece is unique

  • Pricing varies, but cremation glass pieces range from $30-90 each

  • Send an email with the shapes and colors you are interested in and I will send you a price quote.

  • Its recommended to set up an appointment if you are placing an order in store.

  • Please have an idea of shapes and colors you are interested in, prior to coming in store.

  • Payment is due at the time of ordering.